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Controls: Z = Eject, SPACE = Primary Action, Shift & Control = Secondary actions

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If you have been searching for Happy Wheels 2 & Happy Wheels Demo over the web, you’d be glad to know that you have come to the right place to play the game. This website lets its users play for free the happy wheels demo version of Jim Bonacci’s Original Happy Wheels 2 online game.

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Happy wheels 2 (DEMO) version works 100% quickly & accurately on this site. You do not need to download any software or plug-in to play happy wheels on this website. All you need to have is just the latest version of flash player installed in your browser, and you’re good to play happy wheels 2 (without any charges). Yes, the game is completely FREE on this portal. And moreover, you will not be annoyed by irritating adverts during the gameplay. You can also share our happy wheels 2 game with your friends via our social sharing buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

Happy Wheels 2 Game Instructions

Happy Wheels is far beyond other internet racing or vehicle games. It is a purely bloody physics-based vehicle online flash game which lets you randomly choose your character and vehicle. There are four game characters in happy wheels 2 in total that are not very lavish as compared to characters in other online racing games. In this game you are required to lead your vehicle towards the victory. You have to choose a character (vehicle included) and drive all along with the life-taking & adventurous path. If you cause a lot of destructions while you are on your way to the finish line, you are a thriller. You may save and watch replays of what you did during a certain level. But beware!!! Your body may shed into pieces if you drive your vehicle the hard way!

How Happy Wheels 2 Works?

There’s an in-game camera which focuses the character throughout its path. The camera basically follows the character’s heart. Even if your character would rip into pieces, the camera will continue to follow your heart which may or may not have any movements.

Happy Wheels 2 Game Characters

The DEMO version of Happy Wheels 2 has only four characters as below:

1. Wheelchair Guy: He is the first character and yet the oldest one in the entire game. He has a poor outfit with stitched clothes and big white beard. He does not smell good and looks very unclean. He has a wheelchair as his vehicle which has a super jet technology. The SPACEBAR activates the jet which increases the speed of the wheelchair.

2. Segway Guy: The Segway Guy borrows features from the remaining three characters. He has a silver segway which has a spring activator. It jumps if you press the SPACEBAR. He is a middle-aged person; not too young, not too old!

3. Irresponsible Dad: He is the third character in the game. As his name suggests, he takes his young boy on a ride on his bicycle throughout the game. There’s a high risk for his child to die during the game. Even if he dies, the Irresponsible Dad will still race on towards the finish line.

4. Effective Shopper: Effective Shopper is the first female character in Happy Wheels game. She has a carry away bicycle stuffed with groceries and other items. She is a fat lady having great control over her vehicle. The items in her basket include Hellman Mayonnaise, Sausages, a Baguette, a bag of sugar, two cans of Cannedballs Tomato Soup (Campbell’s spoof) -which look more like Marlborough Cigarette Packets-, and finally a box of crunchy biscuits.

Happy Wheels 2 Hints

There are some levels in this game which contain obstacles. These obstacles are impossible to tackle. You can only get over them if you know how to properly use your primary & secondary actions. For instance, you will have to use your primary action to grab and swing across on a lingering rope. For this, you would have to press the associated control keys on your keyboard to perform a certain action, either primary or secondary. Just make sure that you follow an accurate timing. Then only you may be able to tackle or pass through an obstacle.

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